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Tracking Your Anovisions Project

At Anovisions, we keep you involved with a revolutionary approach: You have complete access to the project management web pages that we use internally to organize our work. When you sign on to Anovisions, we set up a password-protected, individualized project web site complete with to-do lists, discussions, documents, a calendar, and our findings as we produce them. You see the project evolve and you know exactly what is being done down to the minute. Add or delete tasks, upload files, set goals and meetings, reassign tasks, start discussions, and much more.

We offer more transparency than any other statistics team. You don't have to worry about whether we are on track—just log on to your project's web site and check for yourself.

Above is a screen shot of the progress and discussions page (click to enlarge), and below is a screenshot of a to-do list and uploaded file.

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